We believe that  everything is interconnected

It is easy to forget that we actually live in an eco-system, which we are only a small part of. Every action we take impacts the world around us. Our investments all affect our communities, nature, the oceans, the food we eat and the air we breathe. The assets and businesses we invest in can either be part of the challenge we must address, or be part of the solution. Their impact and social outcomes can help us act now to foster collaboration, to strengthen and protect our inter-connected planet, or they can slowly destroy it. 

We believe that some things in life were meant to be

We believe that every woman, man and child on the planet deserves access to food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, education, equal rights, freedom of speech and freedom from persecution.

We believe that  future generations will inherit the legacy of our actions today

Over the decade to come, we are witnessing a never before seen transition of wealth, as over US$25 Trillion is inherited by generations X,Y and Z. In the process, creating a new global investor mindset, that also values the planet and is mindful of the impact their investments have on the world around them. The Investmeant Fund is built for those who seek more than just high financial returns, for those who also want a consistent return now and a legacy that they will be proud to pass on to their children and grand children. 


The Investmeant Fund seeks to build a sustainable income stream for investors by supporting a diverse range of meaningful projects both locally and around the world. Initially this will be built around The Pure Collective group businesses, but expanding over time. The Fund will focus on investing and supporting creative people building solutions, to actively address a range of local and global challenges, whilst generating consistent ongoing returns.


Our Portfolio will initially be made up of fixed interest investments and social business finance, however with input from our Investmeant community  we will over time include direct co-investment into a much broader range of asset classes they already invest in. Currently including but not limited to technology, renewables, affordable housing, property, micro-finance, social impact bonds and impact focused direct equities.

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The fund will produce an Annual Impact Report that outlines the specific grants and underlying impact your investment has made possible. Approach and methods to measurement will vary based on the investment and whether impact was intrinsic or philanthropic in nature. In addition, you will be invited to visit venues and social enterprises that the fund has either seeded or helped expand.

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The Investmeant Fund is founded and managed by Matthew Byrne. Matthew has over 17 years experience in wealth management and 14 as a licensed advisor managing investments for retail and wholesale investors.  Matthew also founded all group businesses of The Pure Collective and also The Pure Foundation. He will manage the fund pro bono and does not derive any income or material benefit from the group in accordance with "The Pure Approach" model. Matthew has elected to only receive a capped income generated from his own practice, (i.e. paid by his wealth management business Pure Advice), capped at the  same amount as a Symbols of Hope Scholarship recipient.

Return Profile

The fund will target a sustainable total return of 5%. This return will incorporate a distribution (which can be reinvested upon election) and also an element of growth for any asset value appreciation on real property or subsequent investments in new assets or existing projects growth. With quarterly investor commentary and an annual return declared with distribution on the 21st of September (International Day of Peace) each year. All unit pricing for new investors reflective of accrued income at the time of investment.

0% Fee Model

The Investmeant Fund is the only way to invest in the growth of The Pure Collective. It will play an ongoing role in "The Pure Approach" as The Pure Foundation will invest it's corpus in the Fund also. Both the Foundation and Fund are collaborative infrastructure and run by mission driven people, for investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, with no administration costs. These costs will be fully disclosed but covered by The Pure Collective group businesses. Hence The Investmeant Fund pays no administration fees, in addition the Investmeant Manager also runs the fund pro bono.

Updates and Events

The Investmeant Fund will hold a regular series of events and updates in The Pure Collective venues. Allowing engagement with teams, social entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. By also drawing on a network of passionate impact investors in our investmeant community, the Fund will have access to a wide funnel of deal flow and brains trust for knowledge sharing. This network can also extend to support and incubate the portfolio businesses on the ground, in  a number of ways, not normally available in traditional for profit settings.


The long term strategy of The Investmeant Fund is to build a diverse portfolio of investments over time and enable the further expansion of The Pure Collective. This could be through various modes including direct projects, general collaboration, co-investment and joint ventures. Initial portfolio focus will be on depth and scale of existing successful templates, however a broader update to the growth strategy of both Fund and The Pure Approach will be released annually along with a more detailed research paper on the model.