The Pure Collective is an eco-system style approach to embodying change. A community of passionate people and a unique group of social enterprises, complete with its own Foundation. Each business donates 100% of profits to not for profit causes. Customers of the group's businesses have a tiny piece of philanthropy embedded in their daily lives. Whether they are buying a coffee at The Table By Pure in Sydney's Barangaroo or booking a cabin using ALAYA (the groups accomodation business), each customer chooses what impact they wish to have. Making an impact on the world, just through an everyday action. The group also seeks to train, employ and sometimes even house people who have fallen through the gaps in society. This is a way of leveraging their group model to do things a normal business would not consider. It goes beyond micro donations into embodying the change they seek every day.

P i l o t   P r o j e c t


P i l o t   P r o j e c t


 Founded in 2014, Earth Company (EC) empowers and inspires change-makers who realise social change for future generations. Specifically, Earth Company (EC) accelerates the growth of exceptional social entrepreneurs, nurtures the next generation of change-makers and strengthens social purpose organisations. Each year EC chooses an inspiration change-maker as their "Impact Hero". The winner is awarded a three year program to accelerate their growth and development. This includes a wide range of personal support but also access to advice, mentoring  and potential funding for their actual projects or work.

Earth Company