Democratising Philanthropy

At The Pure Collective venues, every purchase matters. A small donation is made, towards creating impact in an area chosen by the customer. Here is a snapshot of some of the impacts created by votes made. Votes that are translated into micro-donations, selected by customers in The Pure Collective hospitality venues over 2018/19. Covid impacted 2020 venues operations significantly but impact selection is commencing Q2 2021. There is also other inbuilt impact created by the groups operations and projects on the journey so far.


meals delivered to Australians in need using rescued food, through OzHarvest

Australians waste over $20Bn. worth of food each year, this is what that looks like.


safe days for children rescued from human trafficking.


Litres of water delivered to drought stricken farmers.


Days of education

for girls.


kilos of carbon offset through trees planted.


sandwiches delivered to Australian students who go to school hungry.

To celebrate the release of the 'Food Fighter' documentary The Pure Collective collaborated with OzHarvest in mid 2018 to run a 3 month pop-up in its  Surry Hills venue, to raise awareness around food waste.


school meals for 

students in Uganda.

Raising awareness for the SDGs and empowering more than 65 different charities and 3000 users

no paid staff
administration fees
new sub-funds
meaningful grants

For Love Not Money Dinners

Folonomo is the perfect setting for an intimate evening with donors. The entire venue, dinner, drinks and staff donated, free of charge to charities selected by the Folonomo team.

      School For Life      |    So They Can      |      Stella Prize      |      YGAP   |     Twenty10     |     Blue Dragon Children's Foundation   |     The Girls and Boys Brigade

Pure Collective Impact Partner Example


Name: Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Founder: Michael Brosowski AM


Established: 2003



What they do:


Blue Dragon operates in Vietnam, where they assist street kids, children with disabilities, children from rural families living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery. They rescue children from danger, reunite them with their families when possible, and provide all the services needed for recovery and growth. Above all they never give up on any child, even the most complex cases.




The Pure Foundation

  • Direct grants made $10,000




Symbol & Portal 

  • Venues Impact Votes

  • Awareness of thousands of customers

  • Funds raised: $4,033.11



  • Users supporting Blue Dragon: 75

  • Funds raised last 12 months: $733.10 


Folonomo Donated Fundraising Dinner

  • Donated dinner & drinks event over $5,000

  • Funds raised from donors on the night $28,000